Rush as a young has a very strong working drive a lot of push. Rush is showing great potential to be a strong cattle dog. He is used on a regular basis with Kyle on the ranch. Rush will hit hocks (getting lower) and is developing a nice grip on heads. Rush is showing a lot of potential with a wide outrun. Rush will work both cattle and sheep.  Kyle WTCH'd Rush July 2014 at the Cow Country Classic!  WTCH'd, 2 High Combined Cattle, and the High Combined Non-WTCH Buckle!!


 Billy has been a spit fire and a pleasure to train since day one! Billy is by far the widest working Aussie I have worked with, she has moderate eye, strong on heads, and is now discovering how to heel.  Billy is a wonderful asset on the ranch, she is extremely biddable yet gritty enough to get the job done.  Billy wins at the Cow Country Classic 2014! High Combined WTCH Buckle, 2 High Combined Sheep, 1 High Combined Cattle, High in Trial, and the High Combined Cow Dog award - I am so honored to have my name and Billy's included with some unbelievable handler/dog combos!!!


Pups 7 Weeks



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