WTCH Spinoff's Red Grit RD RTDc DNA-VP - Grit 

We are so thankful to Lil Roth-Lee of Swede-Lee Ranch to entrust us with a mating of Grit to Billy. To many of you Grit need not an introduction; however, more info and video will be available shortly!


WTCH Starlitt Boot Scoot N'Ta Billy RTDcs DNA-VP - Billy

Billy has been a spit fire and a pleasure to train since day one! Billy is by far the widest working Aussie I have worked with, she has moderate eye, a very strong head dog, and handles large or small groups of stock.  Billy is a wonderful asset on the ranch, she is extremely biddable yet gritty enough to get the job done.  Billy wins at the Cow Country Classic 2014! High Combined WTCH Buckle, 2 High Combined Sheep, 1 High Combined Cattle, High in Trial, and the High Combined Cow Dog award - I am so honored to have my name and Billy's included with some unbelievable handler/dog combos!!!


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